Polis Docs
There are 2 ways of staking in the POLIS protocol:
  • LP staking (40%).
  • POLIS staking (20%).

POLIS Staking

POLIS holders will be able to stake their 100 POLIS coins which will be converted to 100 Drachma. This action lets you earn 25% of the POLIS total polis emissions, distributed among the other stakers.
Each Drachma is equivalent to 1 vote in the POLIS protocol. You can convert 1 DRACHMA to 1 POLIS at any time, without any cost. POLIS stakers are the only ones eligible to participate in the Polis Governance.

LP Staking

LP providers will be able to provide liquidity on different protocols such as Pancakeswap and BurgerSwap, and will be able to stake their liquidity within the POLIS protocol to earn up to 40% of the rewards of the emissions.
The Polis Governance allows the community to vote in order to change the reward distribution, by adding new incentivized pairs, as well as removing them.
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