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What is POLIS?

POLIS, is the native governance token of our project the POLIS protocol. By holding this token and staking as part of our government mechanisms, users can directly take part in the decision-making process of the protocol. To get your hands on the token, head to one of the many liquidity pools or exchanges on the Binance Smart Chain such as Pancake Swap.
Token holders of POLIS have a right to create and vote on proposals to the platform as part of its governance system. Tokens can be staked to earn 25% of the max supply, vested years until the maximum 25,000,000 tokens are minted. POLIS stakers also receive a part of the protocol products earnings (Index Funds and Vaults), as well as have a right to participate in the POLIS governance.
POLIS offers a suite of permissionless decentralised finance tools that enable you to earn yield on your tokenised assets, governed by the Polis DAO, a decentralised autonomous organisation.
The main POLIS products will be the Index Funds and Vaults
  • The first product developed by Polis DAO, is a set of capitalization-weighted index pools designed to replicate the behavior of index funds, which historically have returned better and more consistent returns than actively managed funds on the stock market. Index pools simplify asset management on Binance Chain the way that index funds do for the stock market: by creating a single asset which represents ownership in a diverse portfolio that tracks the market sector the index represents.
  • The Polis Vaults enable you to invest your tokens into yield bearing strategies in an easy, non-custodial, decentralized way.
Polis is governed and run by its community of token holders (numbering over 700 holders) and delegates. Join the friendly and collaborative Polis community on Discord and help build the new future of finance!
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